Real Adventure

Since 1965 Lake Tobias Wildlife Park has been fascinating patrons with its wild, exotic animals and adventure-seeking safari tours. Nestled in the quiet countryside, Lake Tobias resounds with the sights and sounds of the jungles and grasslands of six continents. Animals, reptiles and birds from around the world can be found here.


Monkeys, tigers, ostriches and many interesting creatures reside along 50 acres of zoo-type setting continuously educating and entertaining park visitors.



SafarisSafari tours are the main attraction at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Specially designed cruisers take you across 150 acres of rolling land where you see herds of wild and exotic animals from around the world.

Come visit our reptile building and see the fascinating creepy crawlies that live under rocks, in trees, and in the water!

Petting Zoo
Children young and old love to feed the animals in the petting zoo. At Lake Tobias a hungry herd of friendly creatures is always eager to meet you.